Photo of Combat Reporter Dylan Stewart
Photo of Dylan Stewart

Combat Reporter is the work of former Professional Wrestling fanatic, turned aspiring fight sports journalist Dylan Stewart. Coupled with a lifelong love for writing and strong passion for Combat Sports, Dylan has made this blog the most reputable combat blog in the DFW/OKC area. Combat Reporter is a platform for him to share and analyzes the intricacies of the combat sports realm.

My journey started in my High School photojournalism class where I found my footing and excavated true potential in a field that I would later become enamored with, Journalism. My obsession with perfection, love of the craft, and excitedness for knowledge is what I found set me apart from my peers. My (some would say unrealistic) ambition is what keeps me wanting to expand into other categories such as book writing, photography, and other ventures within Journalism. It is my plan to graduate from UT Austin with a master’s degree in journalism and minors in related fields. My book titled “A Decade in the Ring” is tentatively scheduled for a winter 2019/20 release.